Advance FASTPACK BI (tandem fast packing bag)

The new FASTPACK BI from Advance has been designed as a highly practical fast-packing paraglider bag, for quickly stowing and carrying a full set of tandem paragliding equipment. Due to it's relatively low weight and small pack size it can also be used for solo equipment, for those who prefer a more generous-sized bag.

Field tests

Testing it out in the field with one of our sets of tandem kit, we found the FASTPACK BI quick and easy to use, saving time and effort. Having landed, simply lay the FASTPACK BI flat on the ground and place your nicely bunched up wing on top of it. Then add the pilot and passenger harnesses, helmets and any surplus clothing on top of that. Draw the edges of the bag together using the Fixlock drawstring. This works really well - better than other, more basic cord stoppers. Now do up the two metal click buckles, which are surprisingly good quality! Use the two straps to compress the whole package into a more compact, rucksack shape. Advance have clearly thought carefully about the design, from start to finish!

Other Features

The FASTPACK BI is light (just over 1 kg) and compact when packed, saving your back when carrying and space in the harness. The Zip and Outside pockets are useful and well thought out additions, good for storing accessories and GoPro stick etc. Like it's little solo brother, the FASTPACK, the FASTPACK BI is surprisingly comfortable to carry for a fast packing bag. The build quality is what Advance pilots have come to expect, and love. Enough said!

We already own several Advance FASTPACKs which we use regularly for our paraglider demo fleet, testing kit and doing our pro dealer checks for customers' wings, as well as our own personal gear. We've now also invested in some FASTPACK BIs for our tandem gear and larger solo equipment - or when time is especially pressing, or we're just feeling plain lazy!

Find out more about the Advance FASTPACK BI here.