Supair make several different sizes of the TREK rucksack, ranging from 35L to 160L. I used the 90L which is perfect for a lightweight harness and a semi-light medium wing. I tested it out over a two week trip in Colombia.

It has nice padding on the back, waistrap and shoulders, and the usual adjustments you’d expect. Compression straps on both sides makes a tight package for carrying. It fits nicely on my hips, in a good position, so it takes the pressure off my shoulders. It felt very nice to walk with.

Supair have been smart to give the waist strap a wide range of size adjustment: approx. 74-128 cm (29-50 inches). I'm quite slim (82 cm / 32 inch waist), and find that I have to tighten the waist strap on most rucksacks to the max for best fit, and sometimes find that they're still too wide for me. With the Trek set right my waist, the waist strap still has approx. 8 cm (3 inches) to spare.

A zipped side pocket is useful for a phone or snacks. Your drink tube has a hole to exit from the main pack so you can drink while walking. Carry handles and pockets are well thought out. Elasticated cords allow you to strap clothing on the outside. I found the shape makes it easy to fit in a harness, wing and helmet.

The compression straps are looped in a way that makes them effective and easy to use. Despite being nicely padded and comfortable to carry, it folds down compactly and fits easily into the back of a normal harness.

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Supair Trek Rucksack: Video Review