Packing using a concertina bag helps to preserve your paraglider by protecting it from moisture and mud when packing, and keeping the leading edge section neatly folded. Although Gin produce two sizes of the Concertina Compress Bag (2.7m and 3.0m) both are aimed at lightweight wings (which have a small pack volume).

Like many concertina bags, you can leave your glider attached to your harness, and pack from a bunched configuration. It’s best to butt the concertina bag up against the wing and stretch both flat, then gather the wing at the leading edge. Because of the unique folding system, try to interleave the leading edge ribs, one or two ribs at a time. When all the cells have been gathered up, secure them with the buckle closure.

Gin Concertina Compress Bag review

Image thanks to Timm Asprion

Then gather the trailing edge ribs and work your way towards the leading edge, clipping the bag closed and pushing out the air as you progress. I prefer the clips to a zip; I find them easier to manage.

When the wing looks like a ‘sausage’, you fold it in half then half again, at which point the short zip reveals itself to close the folded wing tightly in the compression bag.

This creates a small, flat package which packs very well in a paraglider rucksack, giving some stiffness to the pack while being very compact.

Gin Concertina Compress Bag review: up close

Image thanks to Timm Asprion

I’d like to see a version for normal ‘full fat’ paragliders, as I think this design is innovative and extremely useful.

If you currently fly a lightweight/semi-light wing, I highly recommend the Gin Concertina Compress Bag. Being so lightweight (200grams!) it weighs little more than a standard stuffbag, and it certainly makes a great travel companion.

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