Gin Gliders at Coupe Icare 2016

We were delighted to hear some news of planned product releases, as the sudden forced closure of their North Korea factory has surely required attention as they restructure production facilities. Considering their impressive product catalogue it's clear Gin Gliders have the strength to weather the storms. Some exciting new products will be added soon... 

Gin product catalogue

Explorer : lightweight sports performance / EN B

The Explorer is a lightweight sports performance wing for experienced XC pilots. Agile yet well-balanced handling and class leading performance in a compact wing weighing under 4kg. Expected availability late 2016 - early 2017

Gin Explorer

New Safari pilot and passenger tandem harnesses

Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use tandem harnesses. The pilot harness features a split leg design with 14cm mousse bag and weighs 2.6kg. The passenger harness has airbag back protection and weighs 1.7kg. EN+LTF certified. Available now

 Gin Safari tandem and passenger harnesses

Griffin : 16m mini-wing for para-alpinism / H&F

The Griffin is a dedicated mini-wing for experienced para-alpinists and ambitious hike 'n fly pilots. The wide weight range of 55-105kg accessible handling at lower wing loadings, and fast, dynamic fun at higher wing loadings. Expected EN C. Expected availability late 2016 - early 2017

Gin Griffin 

G-lite reserve parachute

The G-Lite is based on Gin's best selling One-G rescue parachute. New lightweight material drastically reduces packing weight and volume – the 32sqm size weighs just 1.7kg. The size #63 is suitable for a maximum load of 210kg. Expected availability late 2016 - early 2017

Gin G-lite

Sprint 3

Released earlier this year, the SPRINT 3 is positioned above the ATLAS and is a good choice if this is your first step up to the XC class. It is certified EN B for all six sizes (covering a huge range from 55kg to 137kg!) Find out more

Gin Sprint 3

Fuse 37

The smaller version of the Fuse tandem was certified in May this year, offering EN B certification for 90-175kg weight range. The larger 41 size covers 160-220kg (as EN B) and 110-159kg (as EN C). More info

Gin Fuse