Niviuk at the Coupe Icare 2016

Niviuk have an impressive array of new products this year.

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To achieve a reduction of nearly a kilo and a half, the Hook 4 P has been made of lightweight materials: Porcher Skytex 27g fabric, Nitinol rods and Dyneema risers, which are much lighter than those used in conventional wings. Additionally, unlike the conventional version, the Hook 4 P has thinner, unsheathed lines.  Find out more

Take one of the top XC class wings and make it superlight - what you get is something special. Designed for pilots who want to go off the beaten track, the reduced weight and volume helps you enjoy the adventure.  Find out more  

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Speed, precision and agility are promised from this versatile wing. The Roller size 16 has been certified EN C for an all-up flying weight of 70-90 kg and all sizes have passed the EN load test. Find out more

Niviuk launched their first tandem paramotor wing (for all types of trikes and foot-launched dual PPGs). It stands out for being able to load up to 500 kg. Available in sizes 37 and 40, the R-Bus is a highly tough, stable and durable glider designed for short, quick and simple takeoffs, with comfortable and safe landings for both pilot and passenger. Find out more

A high level hike & fly three liner lightweight (Performance Class, EN-D) from Niviuk. The wing that captivated Gavin McClurg during his epic traverse of the Alaska Range: ‘It’s amazing - I’m totally in love with it’.

Read the full story on Patagonia (Image © Jody Macdonald)

Gavin McClurq Alaska story

We reviewed the original Skin P, which we found astonishing. Well, Niviuk are back with an upgrade! The revolutionary single-surface wing now has an improved structure and design; it is easier and safer to land thanks to efficient energy retention for a smooth roundout. The ultra-lightweight version (P) will also be coming, along with the first single-surface lightweight tandem (BI SKIN 2 P, EN-B 3.3 kg) designed so that the pilot and passenger can undertake hike & fly and vol-biv adventures together.

Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P

The Dobermann 2 is an agile and very fast wing, targeted at experienced competition and slalom paramotor pilots, who also want a comfortable and safe glider. It also provides excellent glide efficiency and a wide speed range, which are very valuable characteristics for freestyle and recreational pilots. More info

A pro level acro wing, designed to be powerful and dynamic. The incorporation of valves in the undersurface facilitates vertical descent manoeuvres such as the helicopter, due to a better conservation and distribution of the wing’s inner pressure. The end result makes the N-Gravity 4 a safer, more efficient glider during the chain of aerobatic moves and recoveries. 
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Niviuk N-Grav 4

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