Help translate Flybubble videos!

We usually add subtitles to our instructional videos and reviews, in English. This helps you get a basic translation in your own language by clicking the Settings icon on our videos (bottom right) then Subtitles/CC and selecting your language, if this has already been added.

Or click on English (United Kingdom) if you’d like to learn English, a free service provided by Flybubble 😉

Even if we have not yet provided subtitles, YouTube (Google) automatically generates ones that are pretty good (90%-95% correct) so you can already get a rough translation of everything on the Flybubble Channel.

If you’d like to improve on this, in the video Settings, click Add Subtitles/CC.

You can then type in a more accurate translation (or even English if we haven’t yet done so). We review this before it gets published. You may add your credit to the translated Video Description, like “Translated into Russian by Max Kazarnovsky” (thanks Max!)

Then your friends will be able to learn from the video in their own language, as below:

Translating Flybubble videos: Portuguese

If you have your own channel on YouTube, when you submit a translation tick the box for ‘credit my contribution’ and your name and channel link will show in the video’s description along with the language you’ve contributed to. (See info)

The more you know, the less you fear. Thanks for helping to spread the knowledge.

To get started, pick a new or popular video on the Flybubble Channel and Add Subtitles. Merci!

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