Nova MENTOR 5 (First impressions)

Carlo has flown the Nova MENTOR 5 in a variety of conditions: “The level of pilot demand feels just right for ‘Mentor pilots’ i.e. at the mid level of the XC Class (high B range), both on the ground and in the air. The climb rate and glide seemed to be slightly improved from the Mentor 4, with a slightly slower trim speed, and the speed range very usable. The Mentor 5 is great XC wing for experienced pilots looking for a true ‘high B’ wing with excellent performance and a more reassuring feeling.”

The wing is lighter, more manageable and according to NOVA, more durable. The MENTOR 5 has been fitted with sheathed lines, which many pilots will appreciate, as they tend to tolerate more abuse and tangle less than unsheathed lines.

Flybubble currently has a demo MENTOR 5 in S and M. We can always arrange another size for you. 

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