PHI is taking flight!

Nancy and Carlo met up with the PHI team at the Coupe Icare Expo 2018. Hannes Papesh’s young company has already proved to be a big hit amongst both pilots and schools. One thousand gliders produced in its first year is pretty impressive! Also impressive is the range of wings which PHI have already produced, and have in development.

Phi, the past year

PHI launched last year with the revolutionary SYMPHONIA, a semi-light super-high A wing with EN A safety but performance and handling you’d expect to find on a mid B wing. The SYMPHONIA is without doubt the highest performing EN A wing produced so far, outperforming many EN B wings – try it for yourself! 


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They followed this with the SONATA, a robustly built classic A wing with high safety and surprisingly good performance and handling. 

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Then came the TENOR, a slightly sportier version of the SYMPHONIA with even better speed and performance. 

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Out now from Phi

The VIOLA, a new light wing based on the SONATA, has just been released with a total of 8 (!) sizes designed to satisfy the wishes of pretty much all lightweight enthusiasts of various levels and weights. Currently, size 18 (XS) and 26 (XL) have already been certified, with the others in process.

Phi VIOLA launching

Find out more about the Phi VIOLA. Review: to follow!

Coming soon from Phi

The TENOR has proved such a great hit that PHI are now bringing out a light version, the TENOR light.

Also in process is a tandem wing based on the SYMPHONIA, the CONCERTO. Certified EN B with a huge all-up weight range of 120-240 kg. A smaller size is to follow. It can’t come soon enough!

Phi CONCERTO tandem
Last, but certainly not least, development of PHI’s much-anticipated new high B wing, the MAESTRO, is progressing very nicely, expected to be completed by the end of the year in at least one size. 

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