Thermaling tips - part 2 (Carlo #1)

In this second episode, Carlo Borsattino provides in-flight commentary as he tries to climb out on his paraglider. Learn from an expert thermaler how to look out for lift, identify the best part of the thermal, work with other pilots, and much more.

There are so many tips in this one, it's worth watching a few times to note all the little things Carlo does that work together to consistently get him up to cloudbase.

Finding lift is all about decision making. There are a hundred directions you could fly in: you have to choose one. You'll notice Carlo making clear decisions during the flight and explaining why he is taking that line - this is an essential skill for XC flying. Learn to trust your decisions, and stick with them, so that you can learn from them (whether right or wrong).

Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots - part 2 (Carlo #1)

In this video: how to climb out and get up, identifying the first climb, when to ignore lift, pushing out in front, signs of lift, when to turn around, getting established in a turn in traffic, working weak lift, small cores, dropping out of the thermal, giving other pilots space to work, adjusting your position within the thermal, straightening up or turning tight, feeling the lift, watching others, sensing the core, what to do when thermal weakens, inversion layers, shifting cores, widening your turns ... and more!

Sorry for the loud doubled-up beeping sounds in the video - Carlo was comparing two varios, and placed the mic beside them - although from learning point of view it helps you to more clearly map the lift he is encountering. Once you adjust to the 'audio language' you'll realise that it is describing the bit you can't feel (the vertical movement he is experiencing) which can help you understand what he is doing with the controls.


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