Thermaling tips - part 4 (Carlo #3)

Continue Flybubble's free thermaling tips series with Carlo Borsattino as he discusses getting to cloudbase and planning ahead, identifying good cumulus, when to wait at cloudbase and much more.

Solo flying affects us all deeply: at first it might be just exciting, overwhelming or downright scary. Over time, it grows into a passion, a freedom, a way of life. We hope that by sharing some of our experience and perspectives you can gain skills to help you stay in the air that little bit longer, to feel that little bit more control, to understand more and get more out of your flying. 

Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots - part 4 (Carlo #3)

In this episode: cloudbase and planning ahead, identifying good cumulus, using the ground to identify lift patterns, the wonder of free flight, when to wait at cloudbase, approaching cloudbase, staying clear of cloud and in sight of the ground, avoiding other gliders at cloudbase, regrouping to fly together

Sorry for the loud doubled-up beeping sounds in the video - Carlo was comparing two varios, and placed the mic beside them. Next time we'll move the microphone away from the vario to reduce the volume, but it's useful to hear 'the shape of the air' so you can understand why Carlo is doing what he is doing, and to learn about the timing of his inputs. It takes time to develop the ability to think past the incessant beeping of a vario, but the audio does recede into the background when you develop your thermaling skills.


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