For the safety of all customers AustriAlpin has issued an immediate voluntary recall of all AustriAlpin DELTA carabiners. If you own one of these carabiners then you must stop using it immediately!

AustriAlpin explain the reason for the recall: "In the course of routine tests anomalies in strength of the major axis was observed at several pieces. Caused by in-homogeneous raw material minimal stress cracks can occur at the bending. These cracks can be tricky, because rarely they do not occur immediately. Do not use these carabiners anymore!"

"The safety of our customers is of prime importance. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience of this precautionary measure."

"For more information, do not hesitate to contact us 
via phone: +43 5225 65248
via email: [email protected]"

Download the AustriAlpin DELTA carabiner safety notice (pdf). 

New karabiner, AustriAlpin TROPOS

There is a new model karabiner to replace the DELTA, the AustriAlpin TROPOS.

AustriAlpin TROPOS Karabiner (FD01A)