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Ozone OZIUM 2 (Ultralight pod harness review)

The Ozone Ozium 2 is an ultralight pod, meaning it comes in a class of sub 3kg pods, so weight is a key selling point. The design is more of a refinement of the Ozium 1. The Ozium 2 is a completely reclined style of pod harness. This flying position takes more getting used to, so is not recommended as a first pod harness.

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Kortel Kanibal Race 2 competition harness released

It’s been a long time coming, but given the great contributions Denis has made to paragliding harness design over the years we were confident the KANIBAL RACE 2 would be worth the wait.

With a tag line of 'Killer Instinct' it is clear who the Race 2 is aimed at. Features including an anti-G drag chute pocket, 8l ballast container and a weight of around 7.5kg also make its  intent very clear: competition flying. We saw prototypes at the Coupe Icare and Denis Cortella, namesake and founder of Kortel Design, had much to say about his newly released competition harness, talking us through some of it's innovative features.

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Supair DELIGHT 2 (Paraglider harness review)

The Supair DELIGHT 2 is one of the most popular pod harnesses, offering lightweight comfort with good protection at a reasonable price. It includes all the essential features of a modern harness, but what is it like to use? To find out, I conducted our lowest flight test ever: about 10ft above a frosted British hill.

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Advance PROGRESS 3 (reversible harness review)

I inspected a demonstration harness at Advance’s HQ in Switzerland. It’s a very sturdy reversible harness with excellent protection and great carrying comfort. In Advance, product design is always the result of a team collaboration. In this case, Bruno led the design team for the harness development, and he provided an in-depth walkthrough. I was struck by how knowledgeable he was about it, which is a result of the thoughtful design process that evolved from his use of the product in the mountains around Thun.

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Woody Valley X-Rated 7 (Competition Harness Review)

The X-Rated 7 is Woody Valley's top-of-the-range comp harness. It has 'All the Mod Cons' with many amazing features packed into a surprisingly low weight. The XR7 is very well put together, you can tell just by looking at it that the build quality is exceptional.

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Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 (Review)

Dave Southern reports on the hike-and-fly combination of Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 (Skywings Magazine, January 2017). "The Pi 2 27 and Easiness 2 ‘security configuration’ are an excellent combination which should pass unnoticed by the most eagle-eyed flight desk attendant and go into the overhead lockers for air travel. All of your kit, including an ultralight reserve, could weigh less than 7kg and you’d still have a glider that is capable of good, safe XCs."

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Advance SUCCESS 4 Review

The Advance SUCCESS 4 has just arrived at Flybubble! Carlo says: "I'm very impressed by the build quality, passive safety, comfort, low weight and packing volume, practical ease of use, well thought out reserve system, attention to detail and comprehensive package of the SUCCESS 4. Although the price is high for a standard (non pod) harness, when you consider what you get for your money and that the excellent protection it offers could help prevent injury then I think the price is justified. Properly looked after, this harness could last much more than 10 years."

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Advance EASINESS 2 Review

The Advance Easiness 2 is a light reversible harness with no seatboard. It has an optional removable airbag with built-in reserve compartment.

Advertised as comfortable to fly and carry, it is aimed at hike-and-fly pilots exploring the remote high places of the world. Is it suitable for ordinary pilots as well?

Always up for a challenge, ED BEWLEY performs a thorough investigation on the lowest test site we could find, and takes it to places no other man would dare to go.

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