Safety Notice: Skywalk sticky tape on some gliders

Skywalk have issued a non-critical safety notification regarding the sticky tape on some of their gliders. Only a few gliders are actually affected by this but anyway we throught it would be a good idea to inform all of our customers about it. Read the safety notification from Skywalk below:

“Dear Skywalk Pilots,

we have some gliders out there which may have a problem with sticky tape as described below.

It is not critical, but nevertheless we decided to inform all customers about it. Only a few gliders on these lists are really affected, but of course we have to mention all which may theoretically be affected.

So when your glider is mentioned in one of the lists (only CHILI2, CAYENNE3 and JOINT2 are affected) then please contact your dealer/importer to check it before next flight. The check is simply and if necessary also the repair. You find the list with all gliders, which are affected and the offical Safety Notification on the Skywalk website.

We are sorry to cause any inconvenience but safe flying is our main target.  

Best regards

Manfred Kistler

skywalk CEO engineering”