Thermaling tips - part 3 (Carlo #2)

Continue the thermaling tips series with Carlo Borsattino as he provides in-flight commentary whilst searching through the air currents in Colombia to find and work the best lift. Learn how to identify the best part of the thermal and work with other pilots, and much more.

Notice how Carlo flies patiently and keeps topping up his altitude. This gives him more time in the air, and a wider search area when he goes on glide. It's important to be as efficient as possible with every turn, every movement, every circle, because all the little gains add up. 

Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots - part 3 (Carlo #2)

In this episode: looking for signs of lift, drifting out of a thermal, what to do when not high enough to go XC, analysing the potential of the day, hanging back, when to move on, decisions valley or hill, gliding for climbing gliders above or below, entering thermal surge, identifying the core, soft thermals and hard thermals, The effect of humidity, using the averager, experimenting for best climb, reaching cloudbase, leaving a thermal, avoiding clouds, rejoining an old thermal, searching for signs of lift, high pressure vs low pressure days, triggers and house thermals ... and much more!

Sorry for the loud doubled-up beeping sounds in the video - Carlo was comparing two varios, and placed the mic beside them - although from learning point of view it helps you to more clearly map the lift he is encountering. Once you adjust to the 'audio language' you'll realise that it is describing the bit you can't feel (the vertical movement he is experiencing) which can help you understand what he is doing with the controls.


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