Pilot Progression

10 Tips for Progressing in XC

Paragliding is fantastic, but it can also be very frustrating. Flying cross country tests your skills to the limit, but when you make a wrong decision the learning stops (and the long walk/bus/hitch/donkey ride begins). If only I'd stayed up a bit longer, I'd have learned ... who knows how much more? In the spirit of sharing my experiences to accelerate your learning, here are the main things I picked up during the year.

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10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Paragliding

Freeflying is deceptively simple. Lobbing off the hill can be achieved with a little run but flying away can take years to get right. There are so many lessons to learn, and getting any one of them wrong seems to put you on the deck before you can say “top to bottom”. In this article Flybubble team pilot Dickon Walker shares some of things “I wish they’d told me.”

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Basic Soaring Skills for Low Airtime Pilots

Ridge soaring provides an essential learning environment for low airtime pilots, allowing you to build airtime without the turbulence and hit-and-miss altitude of thermic flying. But after you've gone up and down the ridge twenty times, what else can you do? Are there some things you could be exploring to improve your skills faster? Yes there are!

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Is Everybody OK?

Steve Empringham offers an insight into paragliding and mental health (republished with permission of Skywings Magazine).

Is it just me, or do some aspects of paragliding strike you as, well, just a bit abnormal?

If you feel like paragliding is dominating your life in a not entirely good way, read on. You are not alone. And take hope – there is another way.

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