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Buying a paragliding harness

To illustrate how Flybubble’s buying service works, we follow the experience of Ben Holt, who wanted an upgrade from his Advance Success 3. Find out what goes on during a harness fitting session at Flybubble.

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Paragliding harness maintenance

A helicopter pilot would never lift off in the morning without a complete systems check. Paraglider pilots can sometimes skip their daily equipment inspection, because problems are rare and the equipment is deceptively simple. Beware! Paragliding harness maintenance is essential. Make sure you check yours regularly.

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Setting up your paragliding harness

It’s very hard to set up a harness by yanking on straps in the air. Although easy adjustment is a vital feature of any harness, the initial trimming is best done in a static environment where you can take the time to get the geometry perfected.

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Matching paragliding harnesses to pilots

The latest competition racing pod looks a bit out of place under a Progression class wing. There’s a mismatch between objectives here: the harness is aiming for ultimate performance, but the wing is aiming for maximum safety, so what exactly is the pilot chasing? This sort of blend means you compromise your flying because your kit lacks synergy.

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Paragliding harness features

When designers create a harness, they try to match the harness features with the intended use. Each design has a different mix of back protection, buckle style, reserve parachute integration, flight deck options, stowage space and comfort factors like the seat board, straps, and fabric used. Understanding what features you need on your harness can help you narrow down your search.

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Choose The Right Paragliding Harness

There is a bewildering choice of paragliding harnesses available. How do you compare the market when there are so many different styles, so many features, and so many brands? We set out the fundamental principles of choosing the right harness so you can develop a clear sense of what suits your flying skills and aspirations.

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Dealer checks: are they important?

In the unlikely event that there's something wrong with a new wing, it's best that we're the last stop in the quality control line. Not everyone does these dealer check flights or product inspections, but that can put you at risk, and invalidate your warranty.

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Choose The Right Reserve Parachute

Round, square, hybrid, rogallo? There are many differences between modern reserve parachutes and buying one can be a complicated decision. A reserve can seem like an unnecessary cost, something you could do without or don't need to pay much attention to. But it's a cornerstone of reducing risk, and it's really important to get the choice right.

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How we do what we do

Not sure what Flybubble does differently? Join us as we follow a customer through his recent experience with us while searching for new flying gear.

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Grab Bag For Adventurous Paragliders

Get ready for adventure with our quick guide to preparing your own grab bag! 

Paragliders can cover great distances and land in some unexpected locations. Even a gentle evening glide over your favourite forest can end in a surprise.

Having some basic survival essentials in your bag can make a big difference.

Team pilot Alistair Andrews outlines what should be in your back-country grab bag.

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