Buying Advice

Choose The Right Flight Instrument

There are more than twenty flight instruments just within the ranges that Flybubble stock and support, each with their own features, screen design, sensors and technical capabilities. Let’s examine how to choose the right one. Instruments can help you climb better, stay up for longer, glide further and make better decisions. An altimeter might seem simple: it can tell you how high you are and whether you are climbing or sinking. But is that in metres or feet? QNH or QFE? Barometric or GPS altitude? For new pilots, things can rapidly become complicated. The simpler the instrument, the fewer choices you will have to make and the less it will demand from you. The key to getting the right instrument is to have all the features you really need on display, and no more.

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Harness Selection and Fitting Service

For a while I’d been thinking of swapping out my existing Ozium harness for something more suitable for my usual type of flying. This gave me the opportunity to try out for myself the service Flybubble give for harness selection and setup, and a perfect chance to gather information for the article explaining in more depth what is involved in finding and fitting the ideal harness.

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Choose The Right Paragliding Harness

There is a bewildering choice of paragliding harnesses available. How do you compare the market when there are so many different styles, so many features, and so many brands? We set out the fundamental principles of choosing the right harness so you can develop a clear sense of what suits your flying skills and aspirations.

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Final product checks: are they important?

In the unlikely event there's something wrong with a new wing, it's best that we're the last stop in the professional quality control line. That's why we offer professional final product checks as part of our service when you purchase your new wing from us. Not all dealers offer these checks, which can put you at risk if you don't know what to look for.

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Choose The Right Reserve Parachute

Round, square, hybrid, rogallo? There are many differences between modern reserve parachutes and buying one can be a complicated decision. A reserve can seem like an unnecessary cost, something you could do without or don't need to pay much attention to. But it's a cornerstone of reducing risk, and it's really important to get the choice right.

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Choose The Right Paraglider

With so many paragliding wings to choose from, finding the best and right paraglider can be a real challenge, even for experienced paraglider pilots. It's all too easy to make a mistake which might end up costing you dearly. The right paraglider for one pilot is not necessarily right for another. It might even be very wrong!

In this series of articles, and accompanying videos, we demystify the paraglider selection process by consider various aspects that affect your choice. First we look at paraglider classes and compare performance. Then we investigate weight ranges and wing loading. We then analyse handling and safety. Finally, we give tips on how to make the most out of test flights.

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