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How to use small broken thermals

Sometimes conditions can be very punchy. This might be because the wind is not really blowing directly onto the hill, causing turbulence, or perhaps it’s early in the day and the thermals are small and narrow. Making the most of these conditions can be tricky, so in this article we examine the techniques you can apply to climb to the top using these small broken thermals.

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How to review a paraglider

I thought it would be interesting to you to go behind the scenes during a Flybubble wing review, and see what I do to define the character of a new paraglider. This way you can learn some tips and tricks to apply to your own flying, and you’ll understand more about the challenges and limitations of wing reviewing.

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How To Topland Safely (On a Paraglider)

Landing on top of a ridge or even on the launch site is a useful skill for paraglider pilots, but the top of the ridge is usually the windiest place to land. This is partly because of wind gradient (wind often increases with altitude) and partly because of the Venturi effect: the wind is accelerated over the top and around the sides of any obstacle. In this article we study various approaches to making a safe landing.

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Speed To Fly Basics

Do you feel the need for speed? Perhaps you should. Or maybe you ought to rein it in a little? Speed to fly is all about applying the appropriate speed to achieve your flying objective in the current conditions. In this article we'll take you through the general principles so you can make a clear and simple choice.

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Making the most of sea thermals

Thermals over the sea? How can it be? UK winter flying can be surprisingly good. We explain how to identify a good day for sea thermals, where to look for them, and what to do with them once you find them.

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