Equipment Reviews

Supair PILOT & SCHOOL paragliding helmet review

The Supair PILOT is a modern helmet designed for paraglider pilots and schools. Everyone's head is different, so we stock a wide range of helmets in our fitting room. We appreciate that getting the right helmet can be difficult for the internet shopper. This is where an adjustable system makes sense. The Supair PILOT helmet is officially certified for head sizes from 54 to 59 cm, but our experience is that it fits head sizes from around 53 to 61 cm (XS to L).

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Advance FASTPACK BI (tandem fast packing bag)

The new Advance FASTPACK BI has been designed as a highly practical fast-packing paraglider bag, for quickly stowing and carrying a full set of tandem paragliding equipment. Due to it's low weight and pack size it can also be used for solo equipment, for those who prefer a more generous-sized bag.

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Kortel Kolibri Backpack Review

The Kolibri Backpack is designed for back country adventurers who need a lightweight backpack with good carrying structure and enough volume for bivouac gear. We think Kortel have done a fantastic job!

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