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Freeflight Instruments FAQ

Got a question relating to freeflight instruments not answered in the user manual? We've compiled a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers relating to freeflight instruments, including vario-only varios, alti-varios and alti-vario-gps combos. For brand or model specific questions or support, it's generally best to contact the manufacturer's support team directly, since no one knows them better than they do and it's likely they've been asked your question before.

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Harness Selection and Fitting Service

For a while I’d been thinking of swapping out my existing Ozium harness for something more suitable for my usual type of flying. This gave me the opportunity to try out for myself the service Flybubble give for harness selection and setup, and a perfect chance to gather information for the article explaining in more depth what is involved in finding and fitting the ideal harness.

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Final product checks: are they important?

In the unlikely event there's something wrong with a new wing, it's best that we're the last stop in the professional quality control line. That's why we offer professional final product checks as part of our service when you purchase your new wing from us. Not all dealers offer these checks, which can put you at risk if you don't know what to look for.

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