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Flight Instruments FAQ

FLARM (FLight alARM) is popular amongst sailplanes. The typical FLARM unit sends and receives signals and calculates the trajectory of nearby air traffic to warn of collision risk. This unit is too large and costly for most freeflight pilots, but for a very small cost to a manufacturer they can make a tiny device that transmits FLARM signals. As the slower moving HG or PG, we really want the faster moving vehicle to see us.

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Urs Haari and the Modern Reserve Parachute

In 1995 High Adventure opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes with the Beamer, a paragliding reserve based on the famous Rogallo wing concept. In this enlightening interview with Urs Haari, we talk about the development process, modern reserves, the lightweight fashion, small sizes, tracking (airspeed) and the reserve parachutes of the future.

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