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  1. Flymaster LIVE DS first impressions review

    Flymaster LIVE DS first impressions review

    Flymaster’s long-anticipated double-screen Live DS has finally arrived in eager pilots’ hands. Flybubble’s Phil Clark has put one on his flight deck, and gives us his first impressions of this high-spec new instrument.

  2. Naviter Oudie 5 review

    Naviter Oudie 5 review

    The Oudie 5 offers everything you need to fly at any level, including XC and competitions. It has a very bright screen with 100% touch screen interface. The Oudie 5 Pro is a big update on its predecessor. It has Electronic Conspicuity (FANET+) for the first time, a higher capacity battery, and a more advanced main processor board. In this review we provide an overview of the functions, a guide to setting it up and a report of our experiences with the Oudie 5 in flight.

  3. Skytraxx Beacon (flight alarm and tracker)

    Skytraxx Beacon (flight alarm and tracker)

    The Skytraxx Beacon is an Electronic Conspicuity (EC) device designed to alert other aircraft to your presence, and to record your flights in IGC file format. It looks very simple, with just an On/Off switch, two LED indicators and a micro USB port. The two LEDs cover charging and status. The charging port is used by a large number of smartphones, and a charger used for them can be used on the Beacon.

  4. Skytraxx 2.1 Flight Instrument Review

    Skytraxx 2.1 Flight Instrument Review

    The Skytraxx 2.1 is a small flight instrument with extensive capabilities. As a mid-priced unit it is aimed at the ambitious cross country pilot, offering classic altivario displays and all the essential data that comes with an integrated GPS: groundspeed, wind (thermal drift), tracklog trail and a moving map showing nearby waypoints and airspace. The design of this instrument matches the needs of a broad range of pilots. Greg Hamerton investigates the ups and downs.

  5. Skytraxx 3.0 Flight Instrument Insight

    Skytraxx 3.0 Flight Instrument Insight

    The Skytraxx 3.0 is an all-in-one flight computer. It offers all the bells and whistles for flying competition tasks and will record your flights and replay them to you. It can’t thermal for you, but it can show you where to go, what's around you and where you’re going with accuracy, clarity and style. Steve Uzochukwu shares his first impressions.

  6. Naviter HYPER Review (Flight Instrument)

    Naviter HYPER Review (Flight Instrument)

    The Naviter Hyper is a light, compact flight instrument designed for everyday use and cross country pilots. The Hyper “gives you enough information to put you on track to your target, avoid airspace, accurately core and return to thermals, and make every thermal count”. When you can do many computing things on your phone, there is a question many minimalists will ask: is it worth forking out more money on another box?

  7. Skytraxx instruments now available from Flybubble

    Skytraxx instruments now available from Flybubble

    Skytraxx produce well designed and fully-supported flight instruments to a high standard. They are also pioneering live data-sharing services (FANET) and they already have a working solution for FLARM (a way for paraglider pilots to automatically appear on the instrument displays of glider pilots and general aircraft).

  8. Syride SYS'Evolution review

    Syride SYS'Evolution review

    The instrument has three main functions: it's a vario/altimeter; a moving map display/navigational tool; and complete flight computer for competitions. The Syride SYS'Evolution, with a large e-ink display, offers a clear screen with excellent sunlight readability. If you looked at this instrument more than 3 months ago then you'll need to look again as there have been big changes, including a world first: a combined 3D airspace and terrain map. Steve Uzochukwu reports.

  9. Volirium P1 vario review (first impressions)

    Volirium P1 vario review (first impressions)

    The P1 aims to cover the usual all-in-one functionality we've come to expect from alti-vario-GPS devices in that they tell you where you are, how fast your position is changing, in which direction you're travelling, and - hopefully - help you make better decisions on where to go next! So, how does the P1 do? Phil Clark gives his first impressions.

  10. Syride SYS'NAV V3 vario review (Flybubble)

    Syride SYS'NAV V3 vario review (Flybubble)

    The SYS’Nav V3 is a mid-range flight instrument aimed at competition and cross country pilots, sitting in the Syride range under the full graphical display SYS’Evolution, and above the SYS’GPS. I’m coming to review the SYS’Nav having used the SYS’GPS instrument for the last couple of years and finding it to be excellent at what it does.

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