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Flight Instruments For Mapping

In this article I will evaluate a range of instruments in the search for a useful, reliable and simple mapping display. I have flown extensively with all these instruments to identify the practical issues they raise. 

Getting the right instrument is about understanding what your information needs are, and matching a device with your typical flying environment and aspirations.

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Syride SYS’Nav Review

It's easy to overlook the diminutive SYS'Nav because of its size and remarkably low price, but the more I used it, the more impressed I became. It leads the mid-range-instrument field, and threatens some of the high-end instruments too, offering a powerful navigation solution based on minimalism and simplicity.

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FlyNet XC1 Review

An ultralight box with one button, switch it on and fly! It beeps (vario), records a track (GPS) and sends detailed data to your phone (bluetooth). For pilots who use their smartphones as an instrument, it upgrades the sensors, doubles the battery life, and supplies a more reliable (and UK XC league compliant) IGC file. Do you need it on your flight deck? Greg Hamerton takes the Flynet XC1 for a test flight ...

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Syride SYS’Nav review | Skywings Magazine

Following the success of their SYS'One micro vario, SYS'Alti alti-vario and SYS'GPS alti-vario-GPS, Syride have released a new top of the range all-in-one flight instrument, the SYS'Nav, with additional competition and cross country functionality.

So, what's the SYS'Nav like to use? Andrew Craig gave it a good test and wrote up what he found in Skywings magazine. 

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Flymaster Live SD: Review and Tips

The Flymaster Live SD is a top-of-the-range flight instrument offering advanced competition features and live tracking. Flybubble Team Pilot PHIL CLARK checks out the features and offers advice on getting the most out of this great unit.

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Syride SYS’One mini-vario review

Andrew Craig checks out a new departure in miniaturisation


It is indeed tiny; it would literally fit into a matchbox. Its dimensions are the same as those of a Renschler Solario, except that the Sys’One is much thinner.

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Naviter Oudie 3 review | SkyWings Magazine

SkyWings Magazine published a detailed review of the Naviter Oudie 3 written by highly experienced and knowledgeable paraglider and hang glider pilot, Steve Uzochukwu. First, Steve took a brand new unit out flying so he could test Naviter's claims that the "Oudie 3 is easy to use and works right out of the box". Then he spent a few weeks using it on his paraglider, and whilst microlighting, so he could get to know the Oudie 3 better and try out more of it's functionality. 

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Syride SYS’GPS review | SkyWings magazine

Andrew Craig reports on a new departure in flight instruments
As the number, size and complexity of free-flight instruments increases, it's refreshing to find one that goes the other way. Syride's SYS'GPS is much smaller than my old basic vario, but does a lot more.

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand; more relevantly, hook and loop fastener straps on the back allow you to attach it to your risers, a flight deck, or almost anywhere else. I found that it stayed firmly fixed to the bottom of my risers (it has, of course, a string loop in case the hook and loop fastener comes adrift). It was easy
to read in flight, and didn't interfere with speed bar use. 

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