Hike & Fly is a great way to explore: spend the morning ascending a new peak, spend the afternoon flying around, and finally, back down. But what if you want to take a friend, to enjoy the experience? Go easy on your pack-mule with these lightweight tandem Hike & Fly kit lists.

Minimalist Tandem Hike & Fly gear

Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P single surface magic above your head (only 3.3kg!)

the Advance STRAPLESS BI tandem pilot harness at only 0.4kg

and the Advance STRAPLESS (0.2kg) for your passenger.

Pack in the Companion SQR 220 reserve to get 61.9m2 of certified safety (max 220kg) weighing only 2.4kg.

With two Supair School helmets (0.32kg x 2),

a Supair Trek Light 350 backpack (0.35kg)

and a Syride Sys'One vario (20g)

you have only 7.3kg + minor accessories. Due to the lack of back protection this is more suited to experienced tandem pilots and passengers. You might prefer a larger backpack to allow space for the helmets, jackets, water and snacks.

Tandem Hike & Fly gear for Explorers

Hike and FLY tandem

Wanting the more traditional feel of a double surface wing? Try the Advance PI BI at 4.8kg.

Add the comfortable pilot harness Advance BIPRO 3 weighing in at 2.7kg,

the Supair Vip Lite 1.65kg with certified protection (or consider the Advance EASINESS 2)

and add the more affordable Supair Xtralite Bi with 55.9m2 area and a maximum all up weight of 210kg (2.7kg).

With two Supair School helmets (0.32kg x 2) 

and a Naviter Hyper (0.135kg)

all stowed in the durable Advance Comfortpack 3 100L (1.1kg)

and you have about 13.7kg + minor accessories. Split that between two people and you have a comfortable hiking setup that allows you to explore the back country, with added purpose!

Enjoy your adventures, wherever they may take you.

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